My weekend project

July 12, 2010

Friday night we had our end of the season party for our co-ed softball team. This led to an impromptu get together on Saturday night for one of the couples on the team that is moving in the next few weeks. So it goes without saying that there was not a whole lot of knitting/crocheting going on over the past few days. My weekend was not a total loss however since I was able to catch up on my napping and get some laundry done. I will admit though that two consecutive nights of partying is not as easy for me as it used to be. Some may say that is due to my age but I will say I am sure it is from lack of practice!!

Upcoming goal for the week- work on this bunny that I started last weekend for my daughter. I have the head and the body complete. I hope to get the ears made tonight.


June recap

July 8, 2010

I had 5 projects on the slate for June, and sadly I only finished 3 of them. The last project completed in June was the Knitted Flower Cloth that I was making for my mom. This was a really quick and easy knit and I loved my color choice once the cloth was complete.

I gave this cloth and the Springing Up Flowers from my previous post to my Mom as a little happy when we went to visit for the 4th of July. She promised to actually use these and did so before I left.

I will be posting my July goals and WIPs soon. I still have a bit of planning and organizing to do.

June Update

June 30, 2010

I set some pretty lofty goals for myself for the month of June. I knew my crafting time was going to be limited (even though not as much as during the school year) but I trudged on, making a list that I knew was going to challenge me. I was not able to get the entire list completed but I do have some finished items to show off today.
Springing Up Flowers

I have enjoyed the two patterns by this designer that I have made recently. At first I was not pleased with my color choice as related to seeing the pattern, but after some blocking and some really good lighting, I was pleased with the final product.

Dorothea Dishtowels

These dish towels were an absolute breeze to make. The pattern is easily memorized and is perfect for watching TV or movies. These were worked on while watching the first season of Dexter (I am now hooked!!!!). Last night my husband informed me that he would like a set in Ole Miss colors as his official tailgating towels. He has taken to wearing a towel over his shoulder Emeril-style while he grills so this pattern is what he wants. Thank goodness I have 3 more seasons of Dexter to watch in order to get caught up for the new season!!!!

I have cast on and started another June project- Knitted Flower Cloth. I have until midnight tonight to get it finished so I can count it as a June finished item. Tomorrow I will revamp what is left of my June list and talk July projects.

June Project List aka A Lofty Goal

June 4, 2010

Now that I have gotten myself back in the groove (or at least have tried to tell myself I am back in the groove), I decided that I better make myself a project list and set some goals. My knitting time is severely limited by my other commitments, but I have decided that in June knitting will take a more prominent role. With school out, Cub Scouts on a more limited summer schedule, and OPC sports winding down for the summer, I should be able to eek out more time in my day for crafting. I am proud to reveal what is to be my June Project List*.

1. Springing Up Flowers

2. Dorothea Dishtowels

3. Knitted Flower Cloth

4. Go Green Market Bag

5. Best Bunny

I have started the Springing up Flowers cloth and am pleased to report that I am at 60% complete. I hope to begin the Dorothea Dishtowels today and get them going over the weekend. Maybe, just maybe, MOnday will bring some completed items to share.

*June Project List is subject to changes at the discretion of this author at any time in which she deems a project “just not happening” by the end of the month

I love Mom

June 3, 2010

I do love my mom and she is the one person I have never made anything for so I corrected that with this Mother’s Day/birthday “happy”. I found this great Mother’s Day cloth and just had to make it. I gave it to her last week as part of her birthday gift and she absolutely loved it. The only problem is that she now has it in a drawer and refuses to use it. What is up with people thinking that $0.75 worth of cotton yarn can’t be used because it has a cute pattern on it. Now I guess I will have to make her some more so she will use the dang things.

I was not at all pleased with the pictures I took. First of all, these are all pre-blocking so that is never good. Secondly, I hate the lighting in most of the rooms in my house. In some of the pics, you can’t see the design very well but you can see the color. In the one where the design is best viewed, the color looks completely different. but hey, all that is really important here is that I actually sat down to make something and it was finished in a reasonable amount of time.

So there you have it. Kris has several great patterns that I have in my queue for the near future. I made this cloth on a 5 and it was still a bit big for what I wanted so I have cast the next one on using size 3. Hopefully, I will get a smaller cloth with a more defined picture. I am sure however that due to my less than stellar knitting skills, it won’t look nearly as good as it could. Coming tomorrow- June’s project list and current progress.

Climbing back onto the face of the earth

June 2, 2010

While I will admit to completely falling of the face of the earth by ceasing to knit or crochet for much of 2009, I do have some holiday projects that I made at the end of the year that I never shared here. To try and get myself into the spirit of fall (and the spirit of knitting) I made myself a simple Oak Leaf dishcloth.

To get into the spirit of Thanksgiving, I made the following
Knitted Turkey Cloth

Tom Turkey

Now to my main point, I am on track again and have a small list of summer projects to work on to get me back in gear. I have completed the first of these and will try and get the picture posted tomorrow along with the revised and prioritized list of said summer projects. Hopefully, I won’t go over a year without posting anything here again.

More fun with Crochet

October 13, 2008

When we were kids, my little sister was pretty well obsessed with this show on Nickelodeon Called David the Gnome.  For those of you who may not know David (or may need a memory jogger), YouTube is very helpful

I saw on Ravelry where MH had made this adorable little gnome (which she has not blogged about so I can not show you here) and I knew that I had to make one for my sister.  Since she likes gnomes and Travelocity also pimps a gnome in their commercials, I dediced to get it together and get one ready for her camping trip tomorrow.

She aptly named him David and they will be leaving tonight for the Great Smokey Mountains.  Hopefully, David will have lots of fun adventures that I can share with you here.  Now of course, my 3 year old wants a gnome, so another one should appear on the scene shortly.

Also, please now note that I have THE HUNGER to make little crochet creatures.  Hopefully my tutor will help me in this endeavor.